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March 09 2015


Ruby-flower Pendant Choker

Choker adorning ruby-flower pendant with ghungroo in a kaasina haara variation.
This necklace, a variation of the "kaasina haara", with the alignment of semiprecious rubies and the pendant designed in a beautiful floral pattern of the red stones with dangling tiny ghungroos/gold-drops. 
Inspired by temples in South India, this temple jewellery is worn close to the neck during celebrations and goes perfectly with ethnic wear. - See more at: http://www.madhurya.com/ruby-flower-pendant-choker.html#sthash.0BoEGROl.dpuf

Gold-drops Necklace

Triple mala of soft gold drops held together with a pair of floral cluster of semiprecious rubies. Triple mala of soft gold drops held by a pair of floral cluster of semiprecious rubies at the ends. 
This is an elegant charm for all occassions. 
Temple jewellery is an exclusive piece of art, inspired by temples in South India,made by skilled artisans,made in gold and silver with semiprecious rubies and stones.
This design is an amalgamation of tradition and style, suitable for traditional as well as festive occasions.
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